Moshe Safdie, one of the world’s most acclaimed and influential architects, gifts his professional archive to McGill University

Published: 23Aug2022

Moshe Safdie, the renowned architect behind some of the world’s most celebrated buildings, has donated his professional archive to his alma mater, McGill University, and pledged his personal...

Greenland’s Indigenous population favours extracting and exporting sand from melting ice sheet

Published: 18Aug2022

A national survey of close to 1000 adults in Greenland (where approximately 90% of the population is Indigenous) conducted by a McGill University-led research team has found that a surprisingly...

Largest-ever gift to McGill’s School of Continuing Studies will establish unique professional development program for members of marginalized groups

Published: 16Aug2022

McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies is launching a unique experiential training and professional development program, with support from a $2-million community investment from...

Using sound and bubbles to make bandages stickier and longer lasting

Published: 12Aug2022

Researchers have discovered that they can control the stickiness of adhesive bandages using ultrasound waves and bubbles. This breakthrough could lead to new advances in medical adhesives,...

Critical thinking protecting Ukrainians against Russia's disinformation campaign

Published: 4Aug2022

In disinformation campaigns, like the long-standing pro-Kremlin campaign targeted at Ukraine by the Russian government, who is most at risk of believing false information? A study led by McGill...

Why are some birds more intelligent than others?

Published: 1Aug2022

If you’ve ever seen a starling peck open a garbage bag or a grackle steal your dog pellets, you get a sense that some birds have learned to take advantage of new feeding opportunities – a clear...

No 'Safe Space' for 12 key ocean species on North American West Coast

Published: 28Jul2022

For the generations who grew up watching Finding Nemo, it might not come as a surprise that the North American West Coast has its own version of the underwater ocean highway – the California...


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