Friends of the Library Committee

Committee - 2022

  • Don Walcot, Chair
  • Ann Vroom, Immediate Past Chair
  • Lenore Harris, Vice-Chair
  • Lynne Kassie, Honorary Treasurer
  • Michael Colson
  • Norma Borenstein Gordon
  • Frances Groen
  • Nicolas Matossian
  • Shelley Pomerance
  • Katherine Smalley
  • Kate Williams

 Honorary Members

  • Sheila Bourke
  • Louise Dery-Goldberg
  • Allan R. Hilton
  • Helen R. Kahn
  • Jewel Lowenstein
  • Cecil Rabinovitch
  • Bernard Shapiro

McGill Representatives

  • Colleen Cook, Trenholme Dean of Libraries
  • Christopher Lyons, Head Librarian, Rare Books and Special Collections
  • Tom McConville, Senior Director, Faculty Programs, University Advancement
  • Michele Pepin, Associate Director, Faculty Programs, University Advancement
  • Paola Pineda, SSMU Library Improvement Fund Commissioner
  • Steven Spodek, Development Officer


Special Tribute to Our Friend, Sheila Goldbloom (1925-2022)

Special tribute to our friend, Janet Blachford (1938-2018)

Special tribute to our friend, John Gomery (1932-2021)

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