Contact Professor Kakkar at McGill University's Chemistry Department


If you are excited about combining synthesis with materials science, and would like to explore and learn about novel materials for applications in biology in a vibrant city, we have several opportunities at different levels including, Graduate (MSc, PhD), Undergraduate (Hons Research, Exchange Student, Co-Op, Summer research), Post-doctoral Fellowship, Sabbatical Leave, etc. You can apply for any of these positions by writing directly to Professor Kakkar at ashok.kakkar [at]

For admission details as a graduate student into the Department of Chemistry at McGill, you can also send queries and get detailed information from our Graduate Studies Coordinator at graduate.chemistry [at] You can also learn about the Department of Chemistry, McGill, and Montreal and its history.

Professor Ashok Kakkar
Department of Chemistry
McGill University
801 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0B8 Canada

E-mail: ashok.kakkar [at]
Phone: 514-398-6912
Lab Phone: 514-398-6924
Fax: 514-398-3797

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