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If you wish to contribute to this research please follow the links below or email us at arezu.jahani [at] This fund has been initiated in memory of  “Sirene Ina Inkeri Enarvi”

Sirene who was born on 27.8.1978 sadly lost the battle against Glioblastoma on 2.11.2014. Sirene loved nature and people. She enjoyed going out with her dog, travelling a lot, and helping others.


Dear Dr. Jahani-Asl’s Research team:

I am writing to thank you for your hard work and important promising research you are conducting to help expand the lifespan of glioblastoma patients. We feel you will make a difference because on top of performing state of art research, there is a lot of passion behind it. We would like to support your research with a small contribution on behalf of our late daughter, Sirene Ina Inkeri Enarvi. We hope that by initiating this contribution, one day some other parents can enjoy the life of their children with many more years. I am very happy that this important work by your group continues. Finding a way to give a new life, a whole life, to the patient is certainly the only correct ambition for research. I also hope that establishing this fund will lead to encouraging others to contribute to this research in memory of all those who were deeply loved and are no longer among us.


The father of Sirene



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