McGill Institute of Islamic Studies Student Council

Graduate Student Representatives for 2018-2019
McGill Institute of Islamic Studies Student Council (MIISSC)


Co-President Sabeena Shaikh
Co-President Ashutosh Kumar
Academic Officer Osama Eshera
Finance Officer Sahal Malek
Internal Officer Farid Attar
Library Representative Sabeena Shaikh
AGSEM Representative Farid Attar


Graduate Student Representatives for 2017-2018
McGill Institute of Islamic Studies Student Council (MIISSC)

MIISSC President:

Farid Attar


Osama Eshera

Library Committee Representative:

Sabeena Shaikh

PGSS Representatives:

Fiona Williams, Ashutosh Kumar

Tea Committee Representatives:

Osama Eshera, Sabeena Shaikh, Pauline Froissart

AGSEM Delegate:

Farid Attar

Symposium Committee:

Ralph Haddad, Peiyu Yang, Hussein Ibrahim, Ashutosh Kumar, Pauline Froissart


MIISSC held its inaugural Graduate Student Symposium in April 2011. Since then it has continued to be an opportunity for graduate students and junior scholars to come together and share their research and ideas.

The conference is intended as a space where interdisciplinary approaches from the fields of history, literature, political science, religion, anthropology, philosophy, law, and art history may be brought to bear on the study of Islam.

For more information, please visit the MIISSC Symposium website.

MIISSC Statement on the Quebec Charter of Values

Undergraduate Student Represenatatives for 2017-2018
World Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies Student Association (WIMESSA)

WIMESSA President:

Ommu-Kulsoom J. Abdul-Rahman

VP Events:

Juliette Le Ménahèze

VP External:

Andrew Sandock 

VP Academic:

Zahra'a Jaffar 

VP Internships and Exchange:

Katie McClelland

VP Internal:

Adriana Franco 

VP Finance:


Editor-in-Chief, The McGill Journal of Middle East Studies Maia Salameh

For more information, please visit the WIMESSA facebook page.