Amanda Tapp

Amanda Tapp, MA (Year 1) Amanda Tapp


MA, Terrorism, Security & Society, King’s College London, 2018

BA, Sociology, and Minor in English Literature, Pitzer College, 2017

Research topic: Esoteric Prophetology in Ibn ‘Arabi

Areas of Interest: Sufism, Ibn ‘Arabi, Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Mysticism



Tapp, Amanda. 2023. "Munājāt and Ibn al-ʿArabī’s Unity of Being" Religions 14, no. 6: 693

Tapp, Amanda. 2019. “Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament in the Middle East.” The Cairo Review, Fall 2019 Issue.

Tapp, Amanda. 2019. “America, China and the Conspiracy War.” The Cairo Review, COVID-19 issue.


Tapp, Amanda. 2022. Fay (Cairo: Al Roba Publishing House, 2022).


Email: amanda.tapp [at] (Amanda Tapp)

Supervisor: Sara Abdel-Latif

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