Our specific projects vary over time. Our current main project involves building links between the university and the educational community focused on the question of the identification and evaluation of inquiry outcomes in teaching and learning. We are also studying university students’ understanding of inquiry in Education and Science.

HAIR includes a subgroup, the “Gifted Connection,” focused on the nature of intellectual giftedness and gifted education especially in relation to inquiry, and our members’ interests, reflected in additional working subgroups, also extend to higher education, science and mathematics education, and reading processes.

Our students have come from several programs including, for example, Educational Psychology, School/Applied Child Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Psychology, nd Teacher Education. Most are PhD, MA, and MEd students, but undergraduates and students “between degrees” in education, psychology, and other fields have actively participated on many occasions. This diversity in professorial and student background creates a team with distinct learning and creative opportunities.

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