High Ability and Inquiry Research Group

High Ability and Inquiry Research Group

The High Ability and Inquiry Research Group (HAIR) is a large research team in existence since the 1980s and based primarily in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP). We have collaborators in other departments and universities.

Our goal as a group is to provide a forum and network for collaborative work and strong mutual support, as individuals and as a model community of scholars, for the career researchers, graduate and undergraduate students across programs of study, and collaborating teachers and administrators, who share our research and developmental interests.

Our research is grounded in learning and teaching experiences in elementary, secondary, and higher education, and is characterized by attention to psychological variables, including cognitive, social, motivational, and evaluation.

Through a purposeful program of engaging our students and each other in grant writing, project development, publication, conference presentations, weekly seminars, and social events, we seek to foster our students’ transition from undergraduate studies to collegial scholarly partnership.

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