Karl Moore

Bombardier’s shift to business jets coincided with sustained increase in demand

Published: 18May2022

Bombardier is all in on business jets, and that seems to be a good thing. The Montreal-headquartered aerospace company sold off its commercial aviation business to focus on building the business...

Introverts and extroverts can both benefit from breaks that lean into their inclination

Published: 11May2022

Acting like an extrovert is exhausting for introverted people–and vice-versa. Prof. Karl Moore encourages everyone to take mental breaks during the day to recharge. An introvert with a meeting...

Alumni create digital platform that helps businesses collect unpaid bills

Published: 4May2022

When customers don’t pay their bills, it can be a major drain on a business. To collect unpaid bills, creditors have long relied on credit control specialists who use techniques like outbound phone...

In virtual work environments, leaders must take steps to ensure employees feel free to share ideas

Published: 2May2022

The specifics of leadership in a virtual environment differ from in-person, but some core aims remain the same. Whether a team is working remotely or at the office, it’s important that managers...

Understanding the five languages of workplace appreciation can help managers make employees feel valued

Published: 2May2022

Employees need to feel appreciated to maintain workplace morale – but not everyone receives positive feedback in the same way. Gary Chapman and Paul White’s book The 5 Languages of Appreciation in...

Executives should understand what data tells them about the present – and the future

Published: 2May2022

Data can tell you a lot about the current state of business, and what the future holds. That’s information that companies can use to make strategic decisions, and it is multiplying quickly. Up to...

Edmonton-headquartered discount carrier Flair Airlines under preliminary investigation by the Canadian Transportation Agency

Published: 2May2022

Flair Airlines wants to bring low-cost airfares to Canadian cities, but despite strong demand, the Edmonton-based carrier could lose its license this May. At issue is the role of the investment...

Former Desautels professor Kunal Basu explores human experience through fiction

Published: 22Apr2022

An author’s job is to empathize, to go outside of their world to explore and understand. To indulge in life, and not be judgmental – to immerse yourself as much as possible. Kunal Basu has used...

Psychological safety in the workplace

Published: 22Apr2022

In a two-part series in Forbes, Prof. Karl Moore and Lainie Yallen (BCom’18) explore psychological safety in the workplace.


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