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Reassessment Policy for GSFS Undergraduate Coursework


This reassessment policy covers only GSFS undergraduate coursework and not final exams.


 The IGSF’s reassessment policy adheres to the Faculty of Arts policy (#6.5.3) which specifies the following:

In accordance with the Charter of Student Rights, and subject to the conditions stated therein, students have the right to consult any written submission for which they have received a mark and the right to discuss this submission with the examiner.

The Faculty of Arts recognizes two types of impartial reassessments or rereads:

• Reassessment of coursework (term papers, mid-terms, assignments, quizzes, etc.);

• Reread for a final exam.

In both cases, rather than re-correct the work and then grade it as they would have done themselves, independent reviewers assess the appropriateness of the original grade based, for example, on the application of the grading key to the student’s work. If a grade is deemed unfair, it is changed, whether the new grade is higher or lower than the original – i.e. the reviewer’s grade takes precedence over the original grade.


1. Students desiring their work to be re-evaluated shall in the first instance discuss the matter with their instructor.

2. In the event that the result of this discussion does not satisfy the student's desire for a re-evaluation, the student may make application to the GSFS Program Chair (or the Chair's representative) within 10 working days of the date the coursework was returned by the instructor. The student will fill in a form indicating that the preliminary meeting highlighted in point 1 has taken place. The form will also require students to name the course and its instructor, provide a rationale for the request and attach the piece of work for which re-evaluation is desired.

3. The GSFS Program Chair (or the Chair's representative) will send this form to the instructor for counter-signature and to obtain the grading schema as well as a written rationale for the grade assigned. In the event that the instructor claims that the preliminary meeting described above has not taken place, the GSFS Program Chair (or the Chair's representative) will bring the two parties together, and the process will not go forward until student and instructor have discussed the matter and attempted to come to agreement. When this discussion has taken place, if the student so desires, the process will continue.

4. The reread will take place according to Faculty of Arts regulations. Please note that the Faculty policy requires that a request for a reread take place within 10 working days of the date of the return of course work. Students must use diligence in obtaining corrected work. Re-reads and reassessments should normally be completed within 20 working days of the request.

5. When the reread is complete, and the second reader has submitted a report, the GSFS Program Chair (or the Chair's representative) will inform both the student and the instructor of the result. The final grade given by the second reader stands. There is no further process for appeal.

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