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Where should I look if I have questions about program requirements and which complementary courses have been officially approved for the IGSF programs?

You can find information about program and course requirements on the IGSF website under Program Requirements. The most up to date complementary course list can also be found on the IGSF website under Complementary Course List. The McGill e-calendar has a full description of the undergraduate programs administered by the IGSF, but we recommend using the IGSF website when selecting complementary courses for the purposes of degree planning.

What are the grade requirements of the Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies Program?

In accordance with the Faculty of Arts grading policy, a required course for a program must be passed with a grade of C or better. If a student gets a D in a required course, the course must be repeated. If a student gets a D in a complementary course, the student will have to obtain credit from another course.

What If I need an extension in a GSFS course?

  • If you are unable to complete the requirements for a GSFS course, tell your professor about your situation. Your professor will want to understand your situation and may ask for supporting documentation; they may agree to an extension.
  • If agreed upon, you will receive a "K" grade.
  • You and your professor must contact the IGSF Student Affairs Coordinator when discussing extensions.
  • The course requirements must be completed within an agreed upon deadline and up to a maximum of 4 months after the original course end date (1 academic term).
  • If the work is not submitted and the grade is not changed prior to the 4 months, the "K" is automatically changed to a "KF" or failure; the "F" remains on your transcript.
  • Under extenuating circumstances and accompanied by a medical certificate, you may request an additional extension from your professor.
  • Once you have completed all coursework and submitted it to your professor for grading, your professor will submit your grade to the IGSF Student Affairs Coordinator who will then submit the final grade to the Faculty for official change on your transcript.
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