IFB Program

Cabbage-Food EngineeringThe IFB graduate program provides students with the tools to understand how agricultural and food production interact in order to better manage agricultural, food and biomass systems for the adequate supply of wholesome food, feed, fiber, biofuel and any other bio-based materials. This course-based program will present students with the skills needed to assess existing production, delivery and quality management systems, introduce improvements and communicate effectively with policy makers and with colleagues in multi-disciplinary teams.

Dr. Clark's Composting Unit






The goals of the program are to provide up-to-date world class knowledge on techniques for adequate process design and management of our biomass production strategies to deliver quality food, natural fiber, biochemicals, biomaterials and biofuels, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way for the benefits of all. Training activities will include laboratory research and/or industrial/government internships.

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