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IFB Program at McGill, Macdonald Campus

Dr. Lefsrud’s Algae Reactor
Microstructural properties of bio-based materialsThe Food and Bioprocessing Masters Program is offered by the Department of Bioresource Engineering on the Macdonald Campus. It targets the design of equipment and processes for the manufacturing and management of bio-products such as food, feed, biopharmaceuticals, biochemical, biopolymer among other bio-based materials. On the other hand, the provision of adequate food for all at affordable prices is a fundamental basis for ensuring food security.

The program bridges the two concepts to offer avenues for the development of the uses of biological resources while respecting food production and food security. Although there has been progress in increased agricultural and biomass productivity over the past decade, it has become clear that an integrated approach is required to deal appropriately with the multidimensional issues of bioproduct production and food security (for example the food versus fuel issue). All steps that are involved in biomass and food production, processing, sale and service have a role in ensuring that our agricultural production can satisfy our needs for foods and other bio-products.

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