Migration Mental Health


The MIGHEALTHNET project aims to stimulate the exchange of knowledge on migrant and minority health through the development of interactive data bases in each of the participating countries. These 'wikis' will contain the following sorts of data:

  1. Background information concerning migrant and minority populations
  2. The state of health of migrants and minorities
  3. The health care system and the entitlement of migrants and minorities to health care Accessibility of health care
  4. Quality of care: ‘good practices’ developed to improve the matching of service provisions to the needs of migrants and minorities
  5. Centres of expertise, general reports and policy documents, journals, training programmes, E-mail groups etc.

By facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise and stimulating network formation within and between European countries, the project hopes to further the development of good practices concerned with the health of migrants and minorities.

This project aims to help health care services meet the challenge of providing adequate care to increasingly multicultural European populations. Its objective is to stimulate the development of good practices by promoting the exchange of information and expertise, both within and between countries. The project will act as a catalyst in the formation of scientific and professional communities in each country concerned with migrant and minority health. It will thus help to create a ‘critical mass’ which can bring about policy changes on the basis of evidence and experience.

The stakeholders and beneficiaries of this project are health care professionals, policy makers, including health authorities, researchers, educators, and (representatives of) migrants and minority groups. The project will offer them easy access to a dynamically evolving body of knowledge and a virtual network of expertise, which they can draw upon when intending to develop good practices.

In the present era, Internet has become the primary medium for information exchange. In each participating country, the project will therefore set up an open-access, cumulative data base or ‘wiki’ concerned with health care for migrants and ethnic minorities. The wikis to be developed in this project will provide a knowledge base and an instrument for locating expertise and forming networks. They will use the national language(s) of the country in question. Links will also be provided to wikis in other countries, so that users can look over the border to see what has been discovered and developed elsewhere. Summaries in English of the ‘state of the art’ in each country (research, activities and best practices) will be posted (and updated) on a central site. This site will also host information about issues that are not limited to one country, as well as some information concerning countries such as the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

In order both to disseminate the results of the project and obtain feedback on them, the project will organize meetings in each of the 16 countries concerned, to be attended by representatives of the stakeholders and beneficiaries. At the European level, a final meeting will be organized with the same aim. Moreover through out the project’s lifetime we will aim to attract the attention of and to create partnership with interested parties which might wish to support the wikis after the ending of the project.

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