Course Information


The Department offers a broad range of courses during the regular Fall and Winter semesters as well as the four more intensive summer sessions.

Courses are divided by level and area.

By level:

History courses follow the general pattern set by the Faculty of Arts. Introductory courses are either First Year Seminars (numbered in the 100s) or survey classes (numbered in the 200s and occasionally 300s). Intermediary classes (numbered in the 300s and occasionally 400s) are more focused in scope, more demanding, and often require that students have taken one or more prerequisite classes. Advanced courses come in a number of formats and are numbered in the 400s and 500s. They include advanced-level lecture classes, one-semester seminars (reading and discussion intensive), and honours seminars which span the Fall and Winter semesters of any given year.

The Department also offers students the chance to organize tutorial-type classes in individualized, directed reading and research. These need to be approved and organized in consultation with a member of faculty.

By area:

History courses are also given a designator according to the geographic or thematic area in which they fall. These are: 

[1]The Americas [A]
[2]Europe [E]
[3] Asia/ Africa/ Middle East [AAME]
[4] Global/ thematic [GT]

These designators help students and advisors determine the composition and progression of a student's programme in the Department.

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