Montreal British History Seminar


Now in its 19th year, the MBHS provides a forum for faculty and graduate students sharing a research interest in any phase of British History (very broadly defined!). Papers of about 45-50 minutes are followed by discussion and adjournment to less formal venues. For information, please contact: Elizabeth Elbourne Email or Brian Lewis Email.


All the talks will be in Thomson House 404, McGill University, at 4 pm

(except for 29 Oct., which will start at 4:30)


Thursday, 24 September. Elsbeth Heaman (Associate Professor of History, McGill)

“Social Statistics and Civilization in Britain and the Canadas in the 1840s.”


Thursday, 29 October. Fiona Ritchie (Associate Professor of English, McGill)

“Women and Regional Theatre in 18th-Century England: The Account Book of the Jacob’s Wells Theatre in Bristol, 1741-1748.” START 4:30


Thursday, 19 November. Vlad Solomon (PhD candidate in History, McGill)

“‘A spider’s web of Police Communication the centre of which is in my office’: The Home Secretary, the British State and the Policing of Political Extremism, 1880-1914.”


Thursday, 14 January. Jen Purcell (Associate Professor of History, Saint Michael’s College, Vermont)

“’Grandma's Lost Her Teeth!': Tracing the Origins of the Domestic Sit-Com in Britain, 1923-1955.”


Thursday, 18 February. Raminder Saini (PhD candidate in History, McGill)

“Contending with the Presence of Destitute South Asians in Nineteenth-Century Britain.”


Thursday, 24 March. Jameel Hampton (Lecturer, Centre for Culture & Disability Studies, Faculty of Education, Liverpool Hope University)

“Disabled People and the Welfare State in Britain.”


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