Peer Writing Group Convener Application

(This page is for people interested in convening Peer Writing Groups.  Are you interested in applying for membership in a Peer Writing Group?)

The McGill Writing Centre (MWC) is seeking conveners for Peer Writing Groups that will meet throughout the 2019-20 academic year. Responsibilities include fostering a supportive and productive environment where graduate and postdoctoral students can offer and receive critiques of written works-in-progress; facilitating and moderating group discussions; providing regular updates on group activities and progress; attending to logistical and organizational tasks associated with group operations; and providing the Graduate Writing Coordinator with a final report.

Qualifications: Ideal candidates will have completed a graduate degree (PhD preferred), though in exceptional cases, an advanced graduate student may be considered. Preference will be given to candidates with excellent written and oral communication skills, a history of teaching excellence, and a keen understanding of the writing process in and/or beyond their disciplines. Note that a diverse corps of conveners with backgrounds in humanities, science, and social science fields is sought.

Compensation:$1800 for convening one peer writing group of approximately 8 students over the academic year.

To apply, please submit:

  1. A letter of application describing how your education, teaching experience, and talents prepare you to convene a peer writing group.
  2. A CV tailored to this position. On your CV, include the names, professional titles, and contact information of two (2) referees.
  3. A recent 10- to 15-page writing sample (published or unpublished).

Email your documents to graphos [at]


Contact graphos [at] with any questions.

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