Micro-grants winners

The GNCDA is committed to providing micro research grants to further NCD research in resource-limited and underserved communities/populations. The first GNCDA micro grants were awarded in 2020 and will now be awarded annually. We have funded an excellent range of projects across the grant cycles.

The Winners

2021 grant cycle

Amina Amin

Barriers to Hypertension Detection and Management among Women in Bangladesh

NCD grants for graduate students

Phidelia Theresa Doegah

Developing Risk Factor Profile of Non-Communicable Diseases in School Settings for in-School Young People in Ho Municipality, Volta Region, Ghana

Microresearch grants

Regina Ejemot-Nwadiaro

Risk of Comorbidity with Cardiovascular Disease in People living with Diabetes Mellitus in Sub-Saharan Africa

Microresearch grants

Jacob Lang

Palliative Care for Survivors of Humanitarian Crises: A Scoping Review

NCD grants for graduate students

Bishwash Maharjan

Stakeholders’ Perspective on Initiating a Salt Reduction Strategy for Nepal

NCD grants for graduate students

Meera Patel

The Impact of a Parent Capacity Building Intervention on Empowerment and Community Integration of Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities

NCD grants for graduate students

Karen Paul

Strengthening Good Social Work Practice in Complex Emergencies: A Study of Northwest Syria

NCD grants for graduate students

Caroline Storr |  Franzina Coutinho |  Dinesh Krishna  | Ramasubramanian Ponnuswamy


A Novel Indian- Canadian Tele-rehabilitation Partnership: Influencing Early Intervention in Rural India and Building Capacity

NCD challenge grants


Application summary

Number of applicants and winners by grant type

Grant type Number of applicants Number of grants awarded
Microresearch grants 6 2
NCD research grants for graduate students 14 5
NCD challenge grants 5 1





2020 grant cycle

Kwadjo Anicet Luc Dere

Ketosis-prone Atypical Diabetes Mellitus in Sub-Saharan Africa

Microresearch grants

Margaret Kabahenda

A Pilot Virtual Nutrition Education and Support Program to Enhance Access to Health Services among Individuals with Non-Communicable Diseases

Microresearch grants

Mona Lim

Social Isolation, Loneliness and Health in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Descriptive Study of Experiences of Migrant Mothers with Young Children

NCD research grants

Joseph Malechwanzi

Online Posters and Drugs Abuse among Kenya’s Youth

Microresearch grants

Devi Nair

Impact of COVID-19 on Health Services for Noncommunicable Diseases in Goa, India

NCD research grants

Christophe Ngendahayo

Association between exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and occurrence of asthma episodes among pediatric asthma patients in Kigali- Rwanda, a case-crossover study.

NCD research grants


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