Our projects include: 

  • Dementia Education Workshops for Family Caregivers of Persons Living with Dementia – We offer one-day workshops to support family caregivers at McGill’s Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning. For more information about our workshops and when they are offered, visit
  • Public Lectures on Dementia – Mrs. Claire Webster and a geriatrician present a two-hour public lecture, “Understanding and Preparing for the Challenges of Dementia.” To book a lecture in your community, contact maria.vincelli [at]
  • Online Blended Learning Module – The DEP has begun developing this program in order to expand its reach to a wider audience, including caregivers in remote communities. It will also be certified for professional carers. (Coming soon)

  • Educating health care students – Mrs. Claire Webster is working with the Faculty of Medicine’s Education Division to ensure that all students of the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Social Work learn about the role and experience of family caregivers in their training.

  • Patient Education Brochure on Dementia and Caregiving – We are working with the MUHC Patient Education Department to develop online and print brochures about dementia geared to the recently diagnosed and their caregivers. These will be available in several languages, starting with English and French. (Coming soon)
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