Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become a provincial leader and an internationally recognized Centre for Excellence in dementia education and aging wellness.


Our mission is to become a rich resource for caregivers and people living with dementia (PLWD), a source of evidence-based best practices in dementia care and education, a hub for new research in educational content and practices, and a contributor to improved health and quality of life for thousands of people in Quebec and across the country. It includes:

Educating caregivers and persons living with dementia on the medical, behavioral, cognitive, physical, social and financial impacts of the disease, as well as the demands that the disease imposes

Empowering caregivers in their role, offering them knowledge and skills, while encouraging self-awareness of their limitations and connecting them with appropriate community resources.

Educating others who provide support to persons living with dementia, including formal caregivers and health care professionals working at private residences and long-term care facilities, first responders, transportation industry, the business community and other groups of interest

Educating medical students, family physicians as well as allied health professionals on the impact of dementia on caregivers and on means of supporting them in their demanding roles

Expanding capacity to provide culturally safe education to persons living with dementia and caregivers in their first languages, with a focus on underserved communities such as new immigrants and Indigenous peoples.

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