Grant McKenzie

Spatial Data Science / GIScience

Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography

Office: Burnside Hall 613A
grant.mckenzie [at]
Personal website
Platial Analysis Lab

Research interests

My research interests take a combined data-driven and theory-informed approach to better understand the concept of place, how it is defined, and the role it plays in our human environment. More specifically, I use place as a lens through which to study temporal, thematic, and geospatial variability in human activities. These interests have lead to projects focused on issues related to user-generated geo-content, location privacy, financial inclusion, and platial knowledge representation as well as the broader role that spatial data science plays at the intersection of information technologies and society.

Academic and professional background

  • PhD in Geography, UC Santa Barbara (2015)
  • M. App. Sci., University of Melbourne (2008)
  • BA Geography, University of British Columbia (2002)

Current projects

  • LocatED: An educational resource for increasing location privacy awareness
  • Assessing the urban impacts of micro-mobility services
  • Temporal dynamics in urban environments

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