Dr. Shannon Fraser

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 Associate Professor, Departments of Surgery and Oncology, McGill University

Dr. Shannon Fraser
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514-340-8222, ext 3115
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shannon.fraser [at] mcgill.ca

Dr. Shannon Fraser graduated from University of Toronto’s medical school in 1999.  She completed residency in general surgery, followed by a fellowship in minimally invasive surgery at McGill.  She holds 2 master’s degrees, one in zoology and a second in experimental surgery. Dr. Fraser came on staff at the Jewish General Hospital as an assistant professor of surgery at McGill in October 2005, and became chief of the division of general surgery in July 2009.  She became an associated professor at McGill in 2011.  Her clinical expertise lies in minimally invasive surgery, while her research interests include surgical education, surgical outcomes and patient safety innovations, on which she has published several journal articles and book chapters.

Jewish General Hospital (JGH)
General surgery
Selected publications: 

Manuscripts in Peer Reviewed Journals:

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Published Books, Chapters:

  1. Sved, M, Fraser SA, O’Hayon B. Gynecology. In: Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Review Notes & Lecture Series 15th Edition. Amed S, Cheung M. Eds. 1999 University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1999.
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  1. Copeland A, Fraser S, Holder-Haynes J, Lewis B. Wounds and Wound Healing. In: Essentials of General Surgery 6th ed. Ed. Lawrence. 2019 Wolters Kluwer, 2019.


Areas of interest: 

Research interests: Quality Assurance and Clinical Outcomes in Surgery, Robotics, MIS GI tract surgery, Hernia Repair, Surgical Education (skill transfer and learning curves in laparoscopic and robotic surgery)



Clinical Interests: 

GI and hernia surgery

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