Metabolomics Innovation Resource (MIR)

The Metabolomics Innovation Resource (MIR), consists of a large array of platforms managed by professional staff and in collaboration with the Oncometabolism research team. This facility is always under development improving the breadth of metabolites we can measure thanks to generous grants from the Terry Fox Foundation, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Génome Québec, and a donation from the Dr. John R. Fraser and Mrs. Clara M. Fraser Memorial Trust.

Metabolomics is one of the emerging “omic” sciences in systems biology that include genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics, providing a greater holistic view of a system’s biological state. Metabolomics is the comprehensive analysis of metabolites (up to 2000 Da) that are either metabolic pathway intermediates or endpoints. An understanding of the biochemical changes in metabolism between healthy and disease states will potentially lead to better models for the disease progression, (dis)regulation, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and response to treatment.

The Goodman Cancer Research Centre's metabolomics core facility consists of a large array of platforms managed in cooperation with the Metabolism and Cancer laboratories and with the guidance of the oversight committee. A list of selected publications for the MIR can be found here

Contact us:

Platform Manager: Daina Avizonis
Tel: 514-398-5199
Lab: 514-398-2798
Email:  daina.avizonis [at]

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