Indigenous Student Mentorship Program


Cousins, the Indigenous Student Mentorship Program, is designed to connect First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students who are unfamiliar with First Peoples' House and its services with Indigenous students at McGill who are more involved and acquainted with the House's resources and events. Established students provide guidance and support to current students in connecting with on and off-campus communities and assist newer students in navigating their first year at the university and in the city.

Participation of both parties is voluntary; therefore, the success of this program depends on the commitment of all cousins participants.  Meetings are meant to be flexible and they can occur as often as it is convenient.

We will do our best to connect students with peers with similar profiles, programs of study, or with similar interests, but will emphasize connections between multiple peers. Self-identifying Indigenous students are welcome irrespective of age, program of study, and time at McGill.

McGill offers many services such as academic advising, tutoring, career advising, counselling, healthcare, etc.  While these issues can be discussed, Cousins participants are NOT meant to replace any of these services.  We will help refer you to appropriate resources when needed.

The First Peoples’ House Coordinator will serve as a resource person and monitor progress of Cousin partnerships.

An information session for interested students will be scheduled early in the Fall and Winter semesters.

There is no deadline to participate.  Connections will be facilitated based on availabilities and criteria requested. 


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