Community and Cultural Support

The First Peoples' House understands the importance of community and cultural connections in the promotion of Indigenous Student success on campus. That why we emphasize and create opportunity's for Indigenous students to engage in meaningful community and cultural support networks. The First Peoples' House also operates as a safe space for student groups to organize and continues to support a number of other community initiatives.


Cousins Peer Mentorship

The Indigenous Student Mentorship Program is designed to connect First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students who are unfamiliar with First Peoples' House and its services with Indigenous students at McGill who are more involved and acquainted with the House's resources and events. Established students provide guidance and support to current students in connecting with on and off-campus communities and assist newer students in navigating their first year at the university and in the city.

Soup and Bannock

Join us every Wednesday at noon for soup and bannock! Dana-Marie makes a vegetarian soup every week during the academic year, and we are fortunate to be joined by our Elder-in-Residence for such occasions, along with the rest of our Indigenous family here at McGill. Let Dana-Marie know if you have any specific requests!

Student Groups

There are many Indigenous student groups on campus that aim to support each other and work towards greater visibility and representation for Indigenous peoples' at McGill. Join one of the Indigenous student groups to find support within the Indigenous community outside the FPH and work towards our goal of the Indigenization of McGill.​

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