58th Annual André Aisenstadt Clinical Day Tribute Video - JGH Foundation

Published: 1 November 2021

In departments across the hospital, the personnel responded to the unique challenges posed by COVID-19 with grace and skill. We are pleased to recognize their selfless contributions and demonstrated leadership.

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Marc Afilalo, MD, MCFP(EM), CSPQ, FACEP, FRCP Georges Bendavid, B. Ing, MSc E. Ruth Chaytor, MD, FRCSC Dr. Justin Cross David Diachidos Khan Du Dinh Beverly Kravitz Roderick R. McInnes, CM, MD, PhD, FRSC Carmela Pepe, MD, FRCPC April Shamy, MD, FRCPC Roberta Shear, MD, FRCSC Elliott Silverman, PMP, CRP Lucie Tremblay, inf., MSc., Adm.A., CHE, ASC Anthony Turi Paul Warshawsky, MD, CM, FRCP(C) Karl Weiss, MD, MSc, FRCPC


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