Graduate student Nik Jaiswal is awarded RI-MUHC Desjardins Studentship in Child Health Research

Nik Jaiswal, a graduate student at the Department of Family Medicine, has been awarded a Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) Desjardins Studentship in Child Health Research. His project is entitled Co-construction of an artificial intelligence-based chatbot for common pediatric infectious conditions and he is under the supervision of Bertrand Lebouché and Esli Osmanlliu.

Nik’s research is focused on adapting an AI chatbot (MARVIN), initially developed for HIV medication self-management, to a new population. The new chatbot will be named CHAMP (CHatbot to Assist the Management of Pediatric patients with infectious conditions).

His project is characterized by a co-design approach involving patients and community-based research. Nik will play a pivotal role in this endeavor, conducting qualitative interviews and focus groups, developing CHAMP through iterative feedback, and building a comprehensive knowledge database, while working with a multidisciplinary team to ensure the responsible integration of large language models (LLMs) into MARVIN/CHAMP’s algorithmic infrastructure.

Alongside 39 other professionals and students from 22 different nationalities, Nik was also selected to be part of the second edition of the Summer School on Responsible AI and Human Rights 2024, hosted by Mila and the University of Montréal. Through this program, Nik will acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will enable him to better understand and navigate important issues at the intersection of responsible artificial intelligence and human rights.

Congratulations Nik!

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