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Faculty Club

Hours & Rules




Monday – Friday

07h00 – 22h00







Monday– Friday

09h00 –17h00



Main Dining Room




Monday– Friday










Bar menu

12h – 20h30



Monday– Friday


Menu Express




  1. Hours
    As set out above

  2. Guests
    A member, while present in the Club, may have a maximum of nine guests, and is responsible for their conduct. Permission for a larger number must be obtained from the Office. Persons who are eligible for membership may be guests a maximum of three times a year.
  3. Dress
    Casual dress is acceptable at all times.
  4. Accounts
    The Club operates on both a cash and charge system with all charge accounts due and payable 30 days after the billing date. The Club reserves the right to levy an appropriate interest charge on accounts which are thirty days in arrears. Members using cash may obtain a receipt for each purchase. Any errors in an account rendered should be brought to the attention of the Office within thirty days of receipt. Members are reminded to use their correct membership number on each chit.
  5. Conduct
    Members are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a reasonable and acceptable manner. Members who by nature of their behaviour are infringing on the rights of other members may be asked to leave the premises. It should also be noted that any member who wilfully refuses to comply with such requests, or who, by nature of his actions, is a continuing source of disruption, is liable to expulsion.
  6. Complaints
    Complaints concerning service or the behaviour of an employee of the Club should be directed to the General Manager. Public reprimand of employees or an obvious display of dissatisfaction is inappropriate and may constitute grounds for action on the basis of unacceptable conduct.
  7. Parking
    The McGill Faculty Club does not have parking. Only Members whose vehicles have a valid McGill sticker may park behind the Faculty Club. If not, you may get a parking pass directly with McGill Parking services at 514-398-4559
  8. Lost Articles
    The Club is not responsible for lost articles. Please do not ask the Office to keep personal articles.
  9. Children
    Parental supervision of children in the Club is requested at all times to ensure that their behaviour does not interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Club by others.
  10. Use of Club's Name
    The use of the Club's name for the public promotion of non-university activities will not be condoned and will be considered a violation of Paragraph 2a of the Application for Incorporation.


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