Sara Ahmed

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School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
3654 Prom Sir-William-Osler
Montreal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

Tel: (514) 398-4400 ext. 00531
Fax: (514) 398-6360
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sara.ahmed [at]
Area of expertise: 

Dr. Ahmed conducts research aimed at improving health outcomes for individuals with chronic disease. Her research includes studies that 1) address the challenges of using patient reported outcomes (e.g. health-related quality of life, self-efficacy) in chronic disease management programs, and the use of advanced psychometric approaches for improving the precision and efficiency of outcome evaluations, 2) develop and evaluate the impact of chronic disease computer-enabled self-management interventions integrated into electronic personal health records (e.g. web-based asthma and COPD self-management applications), and 3) knowledge exchange and transfer related to best practices for chronic disease management.

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Research areas: 
Clinical Epidemiology
Health and Social Policy and Health Services
Health Technology Assessment
Population and Public Health
Social and Behavioural Epidemiology