Paul Allison

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Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University
3640, University St.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 2B2

Tel.: 514-398-7203 ext. 00045
Fax: 514-398-8242
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paul.allison [at]

William Dawson Scholar

Area of expertise: 

The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry with professional training in the fields of oral surgery and dental public health and research training in the field of clinical epidemiology. Research interests concern the psychosocial and behavioural aspects of oral health and oral health care. In particular, he is interested in the evaluation of various educational interventions, the development and validation of health-related quality of life and similar instruments, the use of these instruments to describe the oral health of various populations and to evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions, and the investigation of how psychosocial factors are involved in the aetiology of oral health problems and how they effect patient prognosis.

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Research areas: 
Clinical Epidemiology
Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology
Reproductive, Perinatal and Child Health
Social and Behavioural Epidemiology