Mireille Schnitzer

Mireille Schnitzer
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Faculté de pharmacie, Université de Montréal

#2236, Pavillon Jean-Coutu 2940, chemin de la Polytechnique, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 3J7

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mireille.schnitzer [at] umontreal.ca

Mireille Schnitzer is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the Université de Montréal and holds a Canada Research Chair in Causal Inference and Machine Learning in Health Science. Mireille received her PhD in Biostatistics from McGill University in 2012 and was a postdoctoral researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in 2013. She also had the opportunity to study causal inference at U.C. Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania as a visiting student. Mireille's current research interests are causal inference methodology in pharmacoepidemiology, the usage of electronic medical databases, and semiparametric efficient estimation in longitudinal, survival, and meta-analytical settings. Mireille receives funding from NSERC and CIHR as primary investigator.



Areas of expertise: 

Biostatistical theory, methods, and application

Adjunct Professors
Research areas: 
Areas of interest: 

Keywords: causal inference, missing data analysis, longitudinal data, individual patient data meta-analysis, applied statistics, semiparametric efficient estimation, targeted maximum likelihood estimation

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