Celia Greenwood

Contact Information

Division of Clinical Epidemiology
Lady Davis Research Institute, Jewish General Hospital
H-461, 3755 CĂ´te Ste-Catherine
Montreal, QC, Canada
H3T 1E2

Tel. 514 340 8222 x 28397
Fax. 514-340-7564
Email address: 
celia.greenwood [at] mcgill.ca
Area of expertise: 

Dr. Greenwood is a statistician with research interests in methodology for the analysis of genetic and genomic data. Her methodological work spans family studies looking for patterns of inheritance of disease-causing genes, case-control studies looking for associations between anonymous markers and disease status, gene expression studies examining differences between patient groups or tissues, and estimation of copy number variation in the genome.

Some of the theoretical work developed by her students includes: a haplotype estimation algorithm using hidden Markov models, a flexible method for estimating disease-gene relationships in sparse data using Dirichlet process mixtures, and a tree-based models for estimating the evidence for linkage in the presence of heterogeneity.

Associate Professors
Research areas: 
Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology
Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology