Leanore Lieblein

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leanore.lieblein [at] mcgill.ca

McGill University
Department of English
853 Sherbrooke Street West
Arts Building
Montreal, QC H3A 0G5 CANADA

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Professor (retired)

B.A. (City College of New York); M.A., Ph.D. (Rochester), Associate Professor

Teaching areas: 

Drama and dramatic theory, Renaissance literature.

Taught previously at: 

City College of New York, University of Rochester.

Selected publications: 

Edited Book:

A Certain William: Adapting Shakespeare in Francophone Canada.(2009).


“Embodied Intersubjectivity and the Creation of Early Modern Character.” In Shakespeare and Character: Theory, History, Performance, and Theatrical Persons, ed. Paul Yachnin and Jessica Slights (2009).

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“Corporeal Ecology and European Otherness on the Shakespearean Stage.” In Shakespeare et l’Europe de la Renaissance, ed. Pierre Kapitanik (2004).

“My breasts sear'd": The Self-Starved Female Body and A Woman Killed with Kindness.” (With Christopher Frey.) Early Theatre, 7.1 (2004): 45-66.

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“Interrogating the Shakespearean Body,” CTR 111 (Summer 2002): 15-21.

Shakespeare in Francophone Quebec,” Internet Shakespeare Editions.

“Alfred Pellan, Twelfth Night, and the Modernist Shakespeare” (with Patrick Neilson), Shakespeare Yearbook 11 (2000): 389-422.

Editor, “Traversees de Shakespeare” (Dossier), L'Annuaire Theatral, 24 (automne 1998): 9-138.

“Theatre Archives at the Intersection of Production and Reception,” inTextual and Theatrical Shakespeare: Questions of Evidence (1996).

“`Les Grecs' à la francaise,” TRI 18.2 (1993): 123-37.

“East Berlin Theatre Diary,” JDTC 6 (Fall 1991): 106-23.

“Translation and Mise-en-Scène,” JDTC 5 (Fall 1990:81-94.

“The Politics of Renaissance Culture,” in L'Europe de la Renaissance(1989): 49-64.

“Flexible Iconography: The Experience of the Spectator of Medieval Religious Drama,” Le Moyen francais 19 (1988): 135-47.

“Jan Kott, Peter Brook, and King Lear,” JDTC 1.2 (1987): 39-49.

Co-translator of Les Esbahis (1561).

Director of Everyman, Calderon de la Barca's Life Is a Dream, Timberlake Wertenbaker's The Love of the Nightingale, the Towneley Pharaoh, and Slaying of Abel; co-director of George Peele's Old Wives Tale.

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Current research: 

Shakespeare in France and French Canada; The Shakespearean Body and the Concept of Character.