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Celia VARA
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celia.vara [at] mail.mcgill.ca

Arts Building
853 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H3A 0G5

Postdoctoral Fellows
FQRSC Postdoctoral Fellow
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Film & Television
Creative Practice & Performance Studies
Embodied Practice & Ethnographic Approaches
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Performance art; corporeal agency; kinesthesia; research-creation; feminisms


Celia Vara is a postdoctoral fellow at the Moving Image Research Lab at McGill University. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication (2019) at Concordia University (QC, Canada). She is a psychologist since 1997, and her master thesis (“Feminist Video Art in the 70’s in Spain”) won in 2013 the 1st Prize-Award in Gender and Research by Jaume I University in Spain. She is also a visual artist and curator. Her writings and media work have appeared in Journal feral feminisms, Institute for Research on Women (Rutgers University), McGraw Hill Editorial, Art and Politics, humanities and entropy (MPDI Switzerland), and Performance Research (Routledge Journal, Taylor and Francis). She explores the use of sensorial body in 1970s feminist performance art and its relations with corporeal agency and feminist resistance in the current cultural and political context. Her research interests include corporeal processes of consciousness, perception and agency, and embodied research-creation methodologies.


Ph.D. Communication, Concordia University (2019)
M.A. Gender and Equality, Jaume I University, Spain (2009)
B.A. Psychology, University of Murcia, Spain (1997)

Selected publications: 


“Embodied and Sensorial Methodologies Researching Performance: Kinesthetic Empathy” in vol.7.2 (forthcoming) Special Issue on “Ecologies of Embodiment”. Journal of Embodied Research. Freely online via Open Library of Humanities. 2024.

"Kinesthetic Experience: Emancipatory Corporeal Scores" (Humanities MDPI Special Issue 12(6) “With-In Bodies: Research Assemblages of the Sensory and the Embodied”) Freely online (open Access). 2023.

Psychological Implicit Motives Construct as an Emergent Fractal Attractor from Intermittent Neurophysiological Responses: Simulation and Entropy-like Characterization. Martín, M.Á.; Vara, C.; García-Gutiérrez, C. Entropy 2023, 25, 711.

El cuerpo sensorial en la performance en los años 70: Kinesthesia y Agencia Corporal in Arte y educación en contextos multidisciplinares (p. 854-869) Freely online (open Access). 2023.

"Tripas de Corazón" [Heart Guts]. REJOINDER. Issue 7, Spring 2022.

"Somatic Ways of Knowing". Performance Research. Volume 26, Issue 1 – On perception, 2021.

"Kinesthetic Empathy as Embodied Research". Performance Research. Volume 26, Issue 2 – On (Un)Knowns, 2021.

"Gleaning Corporeal Knowledge". Art and Identity Policies, 21, 96–119, 2019.

Video and Performance

Pecha Kucha. Pilot video for a (coming soon) documentary with filmmaker Ivó Vinuesa. 2023.

Fina Miralles: Embodied Stories at Poetics+Politics 4 University of California, Santa Cruz. 2019.

Bridges (Collaboration in Performance with Alexandra Rodes) at Museo Universitario de Alicante (MUA) (pages 36-39). 2019.

Tripas de Corazón at RUTGERS – Institute for Research on Women. 2016.

Atrezzo Tripas de Corazón by Agustina Martín de la Iglesia. 2016.

Bridges (Collaboration in Performance with Alexandra Rodes). 2013.

Violeta Esperanza at feral feminisms and RUTGERS-Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities. 2013.

Curatorial Projects

“Somatic Threads for Feminist Emancipation: Documentary and video performance Quebec (1977-1998)” MO(U)VEMENT(S) – HTMlles 2024 feminist festival of media arts and digital culture organized by Ada X - feminist artist-run centre (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). 2024.

Dar Cuerpo al Cuerpo: Sensorial instructions for feminist political declarations. Catalonia and the Basque Country Centre d’arts Santa Mònica – Barcelona (Catalonia). 2024.

Dar Cuerpo al Cuerpo: Sensorial instructions for feminist political declarations. QuebecCentre d’arts Santa Mònica – Barcelona (Catalonia). 2024.

“Les recerques de Fina Miralles” Super-8 Film (1973-1976) – Centro Cultural de España en Santo Domingo CCESD (Dominican Republic). 2018. [Youtube]

"I create new spaces. I build paths. I walk through them. Feminist Media Studio – Communication Studies – Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). 2017.

Workshops and Embodied Methodologies

“Dar Cuerpo al Cuerpo: Sensorial instructions for feminist political declarations. Catalonia and the Basque Country” Centre d’arts Santa Mònica – Barcelona (Catalonia). 2024.

“Re-orienting gestures, sensing relationally: a workshop to cultivate kinesthetic empathy”. Uncommon Senses IV: Sensory Ecologies, Economies, and Aesthetics. Centre for Sensory Studies. Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). 2023.

Re-orienting Bodies: Unfolding Sensorial Unknowns. ISEA2022 – International Synmposium on Electronic Art. Barcelona (Catalonia). 2022.

“The body and the researcher”. Uncommon Senses III Conference: Back to the future of the senses. Centre for Sensory Studies. Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). 2021.

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