Partnering with Industry

Capstone Design Show

Departments of the Faculty of Engineering and NSERC Design Chair for Interdisciplinary Innovation of Medical Technologies of McGill University's Faculty of Engineering are constantly seeking to work in partnership with local industry.

One interesting opportunity for innovative companies is to participate in a Mechanical Engineering Design Project as part of a two‑semester Capstone Mechanical Engineering Project. The objective of this project is to design, build and deliver a working prototype.

In accordance with the partner's needs, we can build an interdisciplinary team that may include, besides Mechanical Engineering, students from Electrical & Computer Engineering and other departments.

Each Design Project is assigned to a team of 3-4 final-year undergraduate students, motivated, active, and ambitious, who work with your engineers to define problems, search for alternate solutions, and finally to build a prototype model. Faculty members from the Department of Mechanical Engineering together with highly experienced people from industry work with the students to guide and supervise them. This is an excellent way to move forward new projects or others which have been on "the back burner" for years and to see them designed, tested, evaluated, etc. - and all at a reasonable cost.

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