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Macro manipulator, CAD modelMacro manipulator, Prototype

Engineering Design is a web resource of the Faculty of Engineering of McGill University dedicated to the interdisciplinary engineering design and its methodology, targeting engineering students and student startups. It promotes a step-by-step approach to the design process, that is essential both for learning and for practical application in various engineering disciplines.

Our goal is to support engineers and designers in engineering design and innovations, help them in accomplishing interdisciplinary design projects and provide guidelines, principles, and engineering standards inherent for different types of engineering design projects.

Hosted at McGill University's Faculty of Engineering, we aim at developing a McGill-wide web platform to facilitate and promote all kinds of interdisciplinary engineering design projects both inside the University and in collaboration with the industry.

To request more information about our initiative, please visit our contact page.

alexei.morozov [at] mcgill.ca (Contact Us)
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