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3 Tips to Stay Connected to the Latest in DH
Image by Marvin Meyer.

In addition to safe, in-person socialization with colleagues at McGill, there are great ways to stay connected to the Digital Humanities buzz online. Here are three tips to help you keep up with the latest conversations, projects, and opportunities in the world of Digital Humanities. 

Tip #1: If you don't have Twitter already, get one

It's a true fact that most of what's happening in the Digital Humanities is happening on Twitter. Digital humanists love their live tweeting, their bots, the posts of desperation as they grapple with their latest research conundrum, and most importantly, announcements of upcoming events and (professional) opportunities.

Suggestions of DH organizations to follow

* Pro-tip: Browse the followers of these accounts and add individuals with similar research interests to your feed. 


Tip # 2: Join organizations & subscribe

Don't miss a conference, workshop or an opportunity for funding or professionalization. 

Suggestions of DH knowledge bases to follow

*Pro-tip: If there are membership costs, inquire about reduced rates for graduate students.


Tip # 3: Get on GitHub

Aside from the fact that GitHub is the largest development platform in the world, the sheer amount of #digitalhumanities repositories & collections will keep you busy for a lifetime.

Highlights of DH projects 


All this talk about staying connected...

Have you followed McGill DH on Facebook & Twitter? 

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