Principal Investigator

Lesley Fellows, MD CM, DPhil



Gabriel Pelletier, PhD

Research Associate, 2021-present


Postdoctoral Fellows

Ana Sofia Hincapié Casas, PhD

September 2018-present

Mild cognitive impairment and mental health difficulties are common among patients living with HIV. Ana Sofia's project aim to identify to which extent electroencephalography (EEG), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), clinical and demographic features, selected using machine-learning techniques, decode the level of cognitive impairment of HIV patients drawn from the Positive Health Brain Now cohort. 


Dimitri Palidis, PhD

October 2021-present

When controlling the movement of our bodies, we quickly make adjustments in response to errors, successes, and rewards. Dimitri is studying how learning and motivational processes in the brain respond to reward and error feedback to influence the control of movement.


Graduate Students


Juliette Ryan-Lortie

MSc student, Integrated program in Neuroscience, September 2019-present


Shahd Fares

MSc student, Integrated program in Neuroscience, September 2021-present

Cognitive neuroscience can provide valuable insights to help us better understand complex political behaviour. Shahd is interested in studying political information processing and decision making within the interdisciplinary field of Neuropolitics.


Heather Whittaker, MSc

MDCM & PhD student, September 2019-present

Co-supervised by Dr. Robert Zatorre, Heather is researching the effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on memory processes as a therapeutic approach for people with neurocognitive decline. Her project aims to investigate the role of brain oscillations within distributed networks supporting auditory working memory.


Vinaya Hari

PhD student, Integrated program in Neuroscience, January 2022-present



Undergraduate Students

Camille Delagrave-Ajduk

Cognitive Science honours student, September 2021-present


Zhiyuan Wang

Cognitive Science honours student, September 2021-present





Research Associates

Eldad Hochman PhD, 2010-2014


Postdoctoral Fellows

Mandana Modirrousta, 2005-2008

Maral Yeganeh Doost, 2018-2021

MaryAnn Noonan, 2012

Michael Yeung, 2018-2020

Nathalie Camille, 2007- 2010


Graduate Students

Isabela Lara Uquillas, IPN rotation Fall 2021

Gloria Castaneda Pizana, PhD Student, 2017-2022

Abdelhalim Elshiekh, IPN rotation Fall 2015

Alison Simioni, PhD Student, 2006-2016

Ami Tsuchida, PhD Student, IPN, 2005-2012

Ana Lucia Fernandez Cruz, PhD student, IPN, 2014-2018

Anna Garr, MSc student, IPN, 2010-2013

Anne Löffler, MSc student 2013-2015

Avinash Vaidya, PhD student, IPN, 2010-2016

Chien-Ming Chen, MSc student, IPN, 2015-2017

Deborah Tang, PhD student, Clinical Psychology, 2007-2014 (co-supervised by Alain Dagher)

Gabriel Pelletier, PhD student, IPN, 2016-2020

Kaan Salcin, PhD student, IPN rotation, Fall 2017

Matthew Satterthwaite, MSc student, IPN, 2016-2017 (Hon student 2015-2016)

Phil Dickinson, PhD student (IPN – rotating first year), Fall 2010

Sekoul Krastev, MSc student, IPN, 2012-2015

Vinod Venugopalan, PhD student, IPN, 2005-2011 (co-supervised by Marco Leyton)

Yvonne Yau, PhD student, IPN, 2014-2020 (co-supervised by Alain Dagher)


Neurology Residents

Alexandre Henri-Bhargava, Neurology resident (supervision of 6 month research elective), 2007-2008

Chenjie Xia, Neurology resident research rotation 2011-2012

Maiya Geddes, Neurology resident research rotation, 2009-2010

Michaela Barbarosie, Psychiatry Resident, 2006-2010


Honours Students

Alexandra Tigue, NeuroscienceHonours student, 2013-2014

Andras Lenart, Neuroscience Honours student, 2013-2014

Anna Vargo, Cognitive Science Honours student, 2019

Annabelle Bouthillier, Psychology Honours student, 2011-2012

Austin Lam, Undergraduate Honorus student, 2016-2017

Cathryn Griffiths, Psychology  Honours student, 2009-2010 (paper published in J Neurosci)

Domique Hemens, Psychology Honours student, 2006-2007

Gray Jin, Neuroscience undergraduate research course,  2012

Guido Guberman, Neuroscience Honours student, 2014-2015

Juliette Ryan-Lortie, Cognitive Science Honours student, 2018-2019

Kate Onuska, 2018-2019

Linda Yu, Psychology Honours student, 2011-2012

Matthew Pilgrim, Cognitive Science Honours student, 2016-2017

Marcus Sefranek, Cognitive Science Honours student, 2016-2017 (paper published in Cerebral Cortex)

Nazanin Saadat, Psychology Honours student, 2014-2015

Renée Biss, Psychology Honours student, 2006-2007

Sara Mitchell, Psychology Honours student, 2004-2005

Sarah Wellen, Cognitive Sciences Honours student, 2008-2009

Shauna Solomon-Krakus, Psychology Honours student, 2011-2012


Medical Students

Cathy Zhang, Medical student, Faculty of Medicine summer research bursary program 2011

Chenjie Xia, Medical student, research bursary program, summer 2005, fall 2005, winter 2006

Claude Steriade, medical student research project 2010-2011

Dalia Rotstein, Medical student, independent research project 2006-2007

Evan Wong, Medical student, Faculty of medicine summer research bursary program 2009

Madeleine Sharp, Medical student, 2006

Reda Sarhani, Medical student, Faculty of Medicine summer research bursary program 2011

Samuel Lapalme-Remis, 4th year Medical student research project, 2009

Senthuran Tharmalingam, Medical student, research bursary program, summer 2008

Steven Nobile, Medical student from UOttawa, summer 2015

Tahir Shaikh, Medical student, research bursary program, 2006

Vi Nguyen, Medical student, 2006


Visiting Students

Albert Hoang, Engineering (Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France), 2005, Internship project, 2005

Nadav Aridan, Neurobiology PhD student, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 2018

Rosa Bufo, Neurosciences MSc student, Italy, 2016



Alexandra Tigue

Jane Meng

Linda Dell'Angela


Lab coordinators

Arlene Berg

Christine Déry


Research assistants

Alison Simioni

Brian Hello

Clio Pitula

Tal Ben-Simhon

Uku Vainik

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