Early Alert System

Instructors may use the Early Alert System widget, accessible by customizing their myCourses homepage, to express concern for a student. This system functions as an early alert mechanism to advise the Case Manager about any students who may be experiencing difficulty so that appropriate coordinated efforts can be made to assist the student and/or refer them to relevant services, as warranted. 

Instructors are encouraged to use the Early Alert System to express concern for a student who is:

  • performing poorly academically and/or
  • chronically absent or disinterested and/or
  • seemingly isolated and/or
  • exhibiting behavioural or emotional issues

Instructors are asked to err on the side of caution and use the Early Alert System even in cases where they cannot assess with absolute certainty that a student is experiencing difficulty or that an issue exists. Early intervention can address issues before they escalate, which in turn, positively contributes to student success and inhibits unnecessary burdens on limited University resources.

Quick Facts

  • The Case Manager will review all alerts and act accordingly on a case-by-case basis.
  • Instructors will receive an email confirmation to let them know that their submission is being reviewed.
  • All submissions are confidential.
  • If deemed necessary, only personnel who are integral to the coordinated response will be informed on a discretionary basis.
  • The information gathered and exchanged through this tool will not appear on the student's transcript.
  • The information gathered and exchanged through this tool will not be stored in myCourses (or anywhere else).
  • If you have a concern and want to initially ask a question without including the student's name, you are welcome to do so.

Watch this brief video that outlines how to use myCourses to help track student progress.