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Case Management Services

The Case Management Process

What is Case Management?

Case Management is a collaborative process between a student, a Case Manager, and other concerned parties with the intention of improving the student's academic and personal outcomes. It usually involves a meeting with a Case Manager who will listen to the student's case, offer support, connect the student with resources, and facilitate positive solutions. A Case Manager may also follow up with the student and/or other parties concerned (i.e., the student's faculty) where necessary.

Case Manager Objectives

The objectives of Case Managers are to:

  • Provide students with support and referrals;
  • Follow up with students and other community members who have expressed concern; and
  • Help students reach their academic potential and maximize positive outcomes.

When speaking with students, Case Managers will explain that there are limitations to what can be done, so that expectations are reasonable.

Meetings with Students

Case Managers will reach out to students and invite them to meet. It is the student's decision to accept or decline this meeting.

The meeting can be about complicated concerns which could not be resolved in a Department or Faculty setting (i.e., when a student feels their situation was handled unfairly). The Case Manager will facilitate either a solution or a discussion between the student and their Faculty. The Case Manager does not act as an advocate or mediator in this situation.

The meeting can also be about extenuating circumstances for which the student may require academic accommodation (i.e., a death in the family; an emergency situation like a fire or flood at home; confusion, severe stress, depression, or self-harm; harassment; etc.). The Case Manager will decide which level of intervention is necessary (i.e., referral to Counselling or Psychiatric Services; referral to an academic advisor; academic accommodation; emergency housing; or, if there is concern for the safety of the student or others, Security Services or 911).

Discussion & Support

In the meeting, the Case Manager and student will discuss both the factors contributing to the student's struggle and their objectives for the future.* Based on this information, the Case Manager will recommend relevant support services.

Through this process, the Case Manager ensures that the priority is the student's well-being.

*It is important to note that Case Management is not a replacement for professional therapy or counselling.

Contacting a Case Manager

Case Managers can be reached:

  • By email: casemanager [at]
  • By phone: 514-398-4990

Case Managers will also be alerted when an instructor expresses concern for a student through the Early Alert System.



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