Have a cybersafe holiday!

Secure your new devices and strengthen your passwords with these security tips

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us, and with it comes the promise of new electronic devices! Fun times await - but so do potential risks if we don't take precautions. Protect yourself and your loved ones with these handy tips for securing your new gadgets.

Cybersafe holiday tip #1: 

‘Tis the season for gifting. But before you add that shiny new gadget to your wishlist, or buy it for a loved one, check out the Get Cyber Safe Gift Guide. Not all of them, it turns out, are gifts! No time to read all the tips? Then keep these four points in mind: 

Video game console, smart phone, and laptop
Check out the Cyber Safe Gift Guide before getting that new gadget.

  • Make sure your home Wi-Fi is set up securely. Do you have a separate guest network for your smart devices?
  • Always check the security features of any new device. Yes, even that fitness tracker. 
  • Read the vendor’s privacy policy and terms of service to make sure you're comfortable with how your personal data will be used and stored.
  • Do you really need it? Or could you reuse an existing device in its place?

Cybersafe holiday tip #2: 

Screenshot of holiday passphrase generator
Make your accounts and devices more secure with the Holiday passphrase generator.
Feeling too frosty to think up a new, unique password? Try out the Get Cyber Safe Holiday passphrase generator, and shuffle the questions until you get ones that are meaningful to you. Did anyone else get TubingFuschiaChaiOnesie? If so, don’t tell us (and please click the restart button in the passphrase generator)!

On a related note: Treat your security questions like your passwords/phrases! We're typically asked security questions whenever we want to reset a password. But do you really think that no one else will know your mom's birthday, or your cat's name? Choose an answer that you will remember, but no one else will guess. For example, instead of "Mr. Fluffles", describe your favourite feline as "K@tn1pK1ng".

Cybersafe holiday tip #3:  

Two people wearing holiday-themed sweaters and looking at their smart phones
Bookmark the new device checklist for cyber secure setup tips.
Inbox all cleaned up before winter break – Check! Skates sharpened and ready to hit the ice – Check! Your new device checklist saved as a bookmark somewhere handy so you can share it with friends, loved ones, and of course, use it yourself after you unbox that new device from your wishlist - Check?

Cybersafe holiday tip #4: 

On the first holiday, my "true" love gave to me... Beware of romance scams, and many others! 

Holiday gifts
Protect yourself against holiday scams.

We all receive phishing emails, and may fall for gift card scams, or fake retail websites. Check out The 12 scams of the holidays and how to protect yourself, courtesy of The Canadian Bankers Association. 


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