Member Funding

Member Funding

SEED Grant

Purpose: Support Centre members and postdoctoral fellows in pilot testing a new idea and aiding in the formulation of a larger grant initiative

Eligibility: CSDC members, postdoctoral fellows

Amount: $5000 (max) 

When to Apply: July 1, 2019


Workshop Funding

Purpose: Organization workshop, seminar or other public event

Eligibility: CSDC researchers and postdoctoral fellows

Amount: case-by-case 

When to apply: On ongoing basis


FLEX Grant

This grant is suspended for the remainder of 2017-18.
We will re-open the grant in the future with new guidelines. 


Inter-regional Travel Grant

Purpose: Covers inter-regional travel costs between Montreal and Quebec City to attend Centre events

Eligibility: CSDC researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and students

Amount: case-by-case 

When to Apply: On ongoing basis


Visiting Scholars Program

Purpose: To invite visiting scholars for a week to 10 days

Eligibility: CSDC researchers and postdoctoral fellows

Amount: case-by-case 

When to apply: Before January 29, 2018


Special Request

For any special requests that do not fit the criteria of the other grants please click on the link below.