Inter-regional Travel Grants

It is very important to the Centre that students, postdoctoral fellows and members located at institutions in Quebec City and Montreal can attend Centre events hosted at the other campuses. To facilitate collaboration among Centre students, post-doctoral fellows and members in Montreal and Quebec City and to foster participation in events, the Centre will cover the inter-regional travel costs (return bus, train ticket, or mileage if own car is used) and one-night at a hotel. If the event takes place over several days, lodging will be covered according to the duration of the event.

If students, post-doctoral fellows and members submit their request for funding (below) at least two weeks before the event takes place, the hotel room will be booked and paid directly by the CSDC.  For funding applications submitted less than two weeks before the event takes place, applicants will be deemed responsible for the reservation of their hotel room but will get reimbursed up to a set amount (see details below). Funding applications will not be accepted retroactively. 

Train or bus. The CSDC will reimburse the costs of your return train or bus ticket up to $76 (incl. taxes). (The average return cost of a Via Rail train ticket return Montreal – Quebec City booked up to two weeks in advance is approx. $76; return bus tickets Montreal – Quebec City are $58.)

Use of personal automobile. Students and Faculty can claim mileage expenses for the use of a personal vehicle in one of two ways: 1) kilometer allowance or 2) the actual cost of gas (with receipts) not exceeding $76 (equivalent of economy rail or economy airfare).  Applicants may not claim both mileage and gas. The mileage Rate is 57 cents per kilometer, or 91 cents per mile with the maximum amount not exceeding $76.

Accommodation. The CSDC will make your hotel reservation if your funding application is submitted two weeks in advance of the event. Students are encouraged to share a hotel room. When booking your own hotel room, the CSDC reimburses up to $149 (incl. taxes) per night for a shared room and $100 (incl. taxes) per night for a single room.

Reimbursement. After the event, you need to submit your travel itinerary and your original boarding passes if travelled by bus or train. If you used your own car you have to email the total number of kilometers for your return trip. For electronic e-boarding passes: e-mail to csdc-cecd [at]

For paper boarding passes: mail to

Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship
Department of Political Science, McGill University
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal QC H3A 2T7, Canada

For non- McGill students, please fill out the visitors clamant form below, it must be signed in ink before being sent either at the address above or submitted in the field below.

NOTE: Digital signatures are not accepted by McGill Financial Services. 

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