Seed Grants

Seed Grants

New Guidelines

Deadline: July 1, 2019



One of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship (CSDC) central missions is supporting Centre members in pilot testing a new idea and aiding in the formulation of a larger grant initiative.

All applicants are strongly advised to carefully read and follow the instructions and requirements outlined in the Guidelines.



The project must lead to cross‐disciplinary work with existing or potential CSDC members and/or foster new collaborations with existing centre members.



July 1, 2019



All CSDC full members are eligible to apply. Postdocs of the Centre are also eligible to apply as Co-Applicant together with at least one other full Centre member as Principal Applicant.



Applications must contain the following information:

  1. Cover letter
  • Name of all applicants
  • University affiliation of all applicants
  • E-mail of principal applicant (who serves as the contact person)
  • Title of the proposed project
  1. Description of the proposed project (maximum 2 pages)
  • Budget estimate, including in-kind and matching funding (File CSDC Seed Grant - Budget)
  • A detailed narrated budget of one page.


Please send your application as a single PDF file containing all the sections of the application by email to csdc-cecd [at]


Funding and Tenure:

The maximum amount is $ 5,000

The grant must be used for the project originally approved and should be used within 12 months of notification. If the grant is not used in this time-frame, an extension must be requested from and approved by the Steering Committee.


Eligible Expenses:

Eligible expenses under FRQSC rules include travel, graduate student stipends, hiring research professionals and technicians, administrative support and equipment purchases.

For all eligible expenses EXCEPT SUBJECT PAYMENTS AND RESEARCH ASSISTANTS, see FRQSC Common general rules Section 8 (pp. 36-42). If you still have questions, please contact csdc-cecd [at]


Assessment of Applications:

The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis. Applications are reviewed by the CSDC Steering Committee or delegates. Each Steering Committee member conducts a thorough review and evaluates the application on the following criteria:

  1. Projects must lead to cross-disciplinary research with existing or potential members and/or foster new collaborations with existing centre members.
  2. Is the budget realistic and do the expenditures fit into the rules of the FQRSC regroupement?
  3. Is the proposal a first step towards pursuing larger funding applications in the future?
  4. Is the project related to a collection of data that might be hosted by the Centre and accessible to other Centre members?

  5. Does the project feature innovative knowledge mobilization initiatives important for the Centre?
  6. The same project can’t be funded twice.


Notification of Award:

Successful applicants will be notified by email within 45 days of the submission deadline, setting forth the amount and conditions of the award.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email. It should be recognized that the CSDC has a limited amount of funds and, although applications may have merit, there may not be sufficient funds to award all such applications.


Payment of Funds

Funds for all grants are to be administered through the business officer of the university or institution concerned.


End of Grant Reports and Accountability:

SEED grant recipients must acknowledge the support of the CSDC in all scientific communications and press releases related to their award.
It is important that the CSDC receive information on the outcomes of its research funding. To this purpose awardees will be asked to submit an End of Grant Report within 6 months after funding has ended. The report will be a summary of the research incl. publications, presentations and submissions for funding as well as a financial statement. Note that the Centre should be acknowledged in your publications

The CSDC also expects Awardees to present on his/her project to the CSDC membership in its Speaker Series or another relevant CSDC forum.


Incomplete submissions:

All applicants are strongly advised to carefully read and follow the instructions and requirements outlined in the Guidelines.

In order to maintain the principle of fairness to all applicants, guidelines must be adhered to in the preparation of SEED Grant application. Non-adherence to the guidelines or incomplete submissions will lead to rejection (without appeal) of the application. Requiring adherence to the guidelines has the advantage of being unambiguous for applicants, easily enforceable by staff and/or steering committee, as well as fair and equitable for all applicants