2017 Research Slam

2017 Presentations



Qing Bao

Roles & motifs in network diffusion

Rajat Bhateja

Theses text analysis for trends

Aengus Bridgman

Lobbyist-Government contacts

Michelle Dimitris

Authorship, LMICs & global health scholarship

Yaolong Ju

Harmonic analysis in digitized music

Daniela Oliveira

Taxonomies via Multilevel Clustering

Haji Mohammad Saleem

Detecting Hate Speech

Paolo Saporito

Eugenio Bolongaro

Processing Antonioni Video

Christopher Trudeau

Social Media, Noise & Montreal Soundscapes

2017 Seed Grant Awards


Research Team

Examining Trends in Authorship of Global Health Research

Michelle Dimitris, and Nicholas King

Semantic, Context Analysis and Visualization of these data using word2vec and doc2vec

Rajat Bhateja, and Charles-Antoine Julien


Natural Language Processing and the Production of Taxonomies for Knowledge Navigation

Daniela Oliveira, and Jackie Chi Kit Cheung

Automatic Harmonic Analysis for Symbolic Music Using Deep Learning

Yaolong Ju, Koustuv Sinha, and Nathaniel Condit-Schultz

Application of Bayesian Network analysis on groundwater management

Mi Lin, Shuang Gao, and Peter E. Caines

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