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Centre for Social and Cultural Data Science

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Director E-mail
Associate Professor Derek Ruths, School of Computer Science derek.ruths [at]
Steering Committee Members E-mail
Assistant Professor Aaron Erlich, Department of Political Science

aaron.erlich [at]

Associate Professor Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Faculty of Medicine

amelie.quesnelvallee [at]

Professor Andrew Piper, Department of Languages, Literature, and Cultures

andrew.piper [at]

Associate Professor Brian Rubineau, Faculty of Management

brian.rubineau [at]

Associate Dean Jenn Riley

jenn.riley [at]

Professor John Galbraith, Department of Economics

john.galbraith [at]

Professor Martin Kreiswirth, Department of English

martin.kreiswirth [at]

Professor and Associate Dean Nathalie Cooke nathalie.cooke [at]

Assistant Professor Nicholas King, Department of Biomedical Ethics

nicholas.king [at]

Assistant Professor Thomas Soehl, Department of Sociology

thomas.soehl [at]


Staff Email
Meghan Keenan meghan.keenan [at]



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