The NSERC CREATE Environmental Innovation training and research program aims at enhancing Canada's prosperity through innovative environmental assessment, monitoring and management. With program nodes at McGill University and the University of Alberta, Environmental Innovation is designed to train the next generation of natural resource consultants, managers, landuse planners, and policy makers so they are market-ready to enhance Canada's reputation as a country that efficiently develops its natural resources while maintaining rigorous environmental standards.

Environmental Innovation focuses on northern regions characterized by a gradient of industrial intensity, from the oil sands and commercial forests of northern Alberta to early-phase mineral exploration and mine development in Nunavut. Northern development is dictated by a triangle, with industry, government, and indigenous groups situated in three corners, and sustainable solutions found in the middle. Graduates of the program will complete a thesis in environmental sciences, related to conservation, wildlife management, ecology, biodiversity, or environmental health. In addition, trainees will conduct internships with industry, government, and indigenous organizations. Time well-spent in all three of these corners will equip our trainees with the knowledge and relationships required for career-long contributions to the productive middle-ground. An extensive list of collaborators chosen for their commitment to and performance in improving environmental assessment, monitoring, and management, as well as their longstanding collaboration with co-researchers will contribute to internships, course design and delivery, and graduate student supervisory committees.


Funding provided by the NSERC CREATE program.



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