Kim Coleman

Kim Coleman has been a member of the Centre for Research on Children and Families since 2008 and began as the research coordinator for the A.R.C (Attachment, Self-regulation and Competency) Trauma Study. Since then, Kim has received several grants including the Tryna Rotholtz Creative Group Work Award, the Marianne Adams Child & Youth Grant, the Research to Practice Graduate Student Fellowship in Development Studies and several graduate student travels grants.  These resources have supported her in collaborating with a local child welfare agency to develop an arts and evidence-based program for sexually abused girls, writing a white paper on art as a policy strategy to address childhood trauma, and presenting nationally and internationally on the relationship between the arts and trauma.

Kim’s doctoral research explores cultural vitality as a possible community-level protective factor against child maltreatment. She aims to promote a rights-based approach to the arts in social work, specifically within child welfare, and to expand social justice by contributing to the developing idea of cultural justice. This begins by building an arts-inclusive understanding of culture.  Kim hopes to contribute to building community-level prevention strategies for child maltreatment by drawing from the discourse on social and cultural sustainability and promoting participation in the arts. Ultimately, she believes it is possible to move the current child welfare system toward one of family and community well-being.

Kim is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago and is a clinical social worker & creative arts therapist. Her academic areas of interest include: child maltreatment, trauma and art; the intersection of image and trauma; arts and evidence-based practice; aesthetics; community cultural participation as a human right; neighborhood effects research; and sustainability in the context of child welfare.

Kim is currently working part-time as an art therapist for Batshaw Youth & Family Centres.  

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