Anne-Marie Parent

Anne-Marie Parent is a MA student in Educational Psychology (Human Development concentration) at McGill University, under the supervision of Dr. Chiaki Konishi. She is interested in various topics related to both educational and non-educational settings such as victimization, discrimination, bullying and the impacts of these on youth development, with a specific focus on LGBTQ + youth. She wishes to explore different protective factors such as parental support and youth engagement. Anne-Marie's Master's project aims to explore how parental autonomy support may promote resilience and social-emotional development of transgender and non-binary youth. Anne-Marie is also involved in concurrent projects related to school safety and school climate, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Prior to starting her MA in Educational Psychology, Anne-Marie completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with double minors in Behavioral Science and Education at McGill University.

Anne-Marie came to educational psychology graduate studies with several years of experience working as a hearing aid acoustician with hard-of-hearing individuals and their families.

Contact: anne-marie.parent [at] (Email)

CV: pdf 

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