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Message from Co-Chairs

Welcome to the Council on Palliative Care.

As co-chairs of the Council, we are committed to increasing the awareness and understanding of palliative care, and to expanding the use of, and access to, palliative care services across Canada, but with a special focus on the McGill affiliated institutions and the Greater Montreal Area.

Through the years, a dedicated group of volunteer Council members has been committed to this important mission and has advanced our efforts to educate the public about palliative care, to help to train volunteer palliative care providers and to improve access to palliative care services. The work of the Council is reflected here and we welcome you to acquaint yourself and to use the website as you need it. We also encourage you to learn more about palliative care by exploring the resources provided by other organizations that you discover and that we recommend here.

Whether you are searching for general information about palliative care or seeking help for a loved one in need of services, we want to help. In return, we hope that you will help educate others about the value and importance of palliative care. Once you learn more about it, we ask you to be a thoughtful advocate for palliative care both in your family and in your community.

Palliative care is an amazing gift of care, love and support and one we all deserve.

Suzanne O'Brien                                                                                John Sanford


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